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This is the the space where you can share your story. Stories from the heart, stories that have made you grow, stories that have inspired you and you deeply want to offer the world. This is the space where you can show gratitude, creativity, joy, and present initiatives, products and companies, touching you deeply and ethically and sustainably aligned. All stories are prove-read by our editorial team and published when approved.

Please ALWAYS add a beautiful photo free of rights going with your story, and fill in all the link spaces proposed (Facebook, Twitter, website, etc…) if there exist any. So that the people, interested in your person, in your undertakings, find easily access to your world and the causes you’re supporting.

Which posts are published?

The posts sent to us that are in alignment with our values through the vibration of the words/videos/photos.

How we proceed

You submit your posts, letters, stories and we read all the beautiful messages you want to offer to the world, we read your contributions, the jobs you do, the light you bring into our world for this positive change, and when heartfelt, we publish your words/videos/photos! Please accept that if your submission is not aligned with our vision, we simply won’t publish it. Please always add a beautiful photo, free of rights. Add your name, name of the photographer, the title of your post, the tags, your films, links to your webpages and the post, which has inspired you most and submit!


This is the place, where inspiring initiatives, causes, movements and events meet. Millions of people in our world work for causes and the time has come to reunite under one roof all the life enhancing initiatives. A donation button offers the opportunity to the readers to directly donate and help fund the inspiring causes. The responsible signs the initiative and always states what the donation money serves for.


This is the place where you share the stories, photos and videos, which have uplifted you. The place where you express the revelations that go with them and which have made you grow. In doing so, you help others to understand better and evolve at the same time. While publishing your stories, you have the opportunity to draw attention to a cause or an article you recommend and support.


When you’re in harmony with yourself, totally inspired and in love with what you’re doing, you become an example of creativity. Creativity includes sport, art and music, design and architecture. This is the place where you present your creativity and help others find their own creativity through your posts.


This is the place where all the magnificent people meet! Through their profiles, through interviews, through posts of gratitude! This is where we meet our soul family thriving for the same goal: bringing Positivity, Love, Responsibility and Creativity into our world.


This is the space where the companies present their WHY of their actions (Corporate Social Purpose), and the HOW (Corporate Social Responsibility)! We kindly ask the responsible person of the company to sign the profile of his activity.


Less is more. In this category, you find all the products, which have a story. An invitation to learn more about the product you want to identify with.


Here we present our commercial and initiative partners, who help us generously spread the word through their commitment and love. Together with our seven main partners, we develop new forms of contribution. Throughout the year we bring clear messages into the world through stories, videos, contests, and ads. We carry out a new way to communicate, built on values and heart-felt connection with the community.


You need more info, send send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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