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Everything that is alive, vibrates, with Jacques Bauer

Especially in our time, we are more than ever invited to expand our consciousness in all possible areas.

Very often we remain stuck in our belief systems and habitual patterns, we do not do further research, we trust what we read in the newspapers, see on television and hear on the radio, we do not question anything.

It is always gratifying to meet people who bring us totally new ways of seeing things and who shake up our usual belief systems.

Jacques Bauer, a pharmacist from French-speaking Switzerland, worked for several years in the pharmaceutical industry before embarking upon scientific studies. For the past 20 years, he has been conducting research in the field of “informative medicine”, so-called “quantum biology”, and the results of his studies are quite impressive.

In this interview, he offers us a scientific-spiritual discourse and panorama. The most important thing for him is and has always been “to help people to find their full potential and autonomy without dragging them into the dependence of their therapist”. He also believes that ” Amazement and gratitude are two of the most important attributes for a human being”.

He shows how everything in nature works perfectly and how nature always organizes itself. How it always finds a way to evolve without spending too much energy. He then takes the example of our own body, and explains that we are made up of 80,000 billion cells, each of which is made up of about 80,000 billion atoms.

No, the solutions do not only come from the outside. It is only when we are sufficiently receptive that we can recognize them within ourselves and let them arise. This is through our understanding, our communication, our collaboration and our concrete action. “Only when you know there is a door can you walk through it. But that information must be conveyed to you in some way beforehand… ”

He sums up quantum medicine in one sentence: We are VIBRANT beings, in addition to being living beings. By being perfectly centered and in a meditative posture, by breathing regularly and deeply, the heart and the mind enter into a coherence. This state generally facilitates and induces the healing process.

He also allows us to better understand the role of the RNA messenger and shows us in an impressive way that at the center of all our cells is the DNA, which makes us what we are on the basis of the information it receives from the RNA. Information that is in turn transmitted to the morphogenetic field. The morphogenetic field, which informs the cells and gives information about the consciousness of humanity; he explains to us that the earth is also a huge information field made up of energy.

He talks about the importance of our thoughts and feelings, and the influence they have on our mind. That when two people meet with their eyes, a heart connection has already taken place that evaluates whether or not they are compatible.

And then he talks about the ability of wood, based on his scientific research with the products of https://quantum-optimiser.com/aff/cocotache, the effects of which I have had the privilege of seeing in person.

If only we knew what an extraordinary healer nature is. If only we knew how plants and trees (and animals) also work with us without us realizing it. Like a hard drive, wood has the ability to store the information we need! This brings us back to quantum physics.

Much more exciting information is available at www.quantum-optimiser.com (I signed up as an affiliate here because I have seen what the products do to people), and because I believe in them 100%: https://quantum-optimiser.com/aff/cocotache
Science and research https://quantum-optimiser.com/science-et-recherche/

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