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Impact of RNA vaccines

By Robin Kaiser

For a long time I have personally resisted taking a public stand on the vaccine issue. However, my life has brought me to a point where I feel it is my duty to say something about this issue from an energetic perspective. On a worldly level I have hardly dealt with this topic. However, I do see the inprints in the fields that vaccination leaves in the physical as well as in the energetic body. In order to present my view on the subject, I will have to go back and forth to build a larger framework of understanding within which vaccination can be seen.

Very basically, we can say that the measures were not made for the so-called pandemic, but that the pandemic was created for the enforcement of very specific measures. So it was never about the pandemic, but about getting the approval of very many people for the enforcement of very specific measures in which vaccination plays a central role.

No measures can be pushed through at all by the so-called governmental level if people do not demand these in one way or another. This whole production was staged exclusively to obtain the legitimation of mankind to be able to push through certain agenda points faster. And still it is in our hand to accept the measures which seem to be justified against the background of the staging, or to unmask the whole false spectacle. At the syringe, which is sold to us as the last rescue and deliverance from this theater, already now the spirits divide, and no other topic divides friendships and families so strongly into camps of the vaccination opponents and vaccination supporters. To fight this conflict on a factual level is a very energy-sapping undertaking. Since there are proofs and refutations for everything. The medium propaganda sits on the understanding level, why the Pandemie believers are to be found partly much further in the so-called educated layers and much less in the so-called manual occupational profiles. To fight the information battle about the vaccination topic on the level of the mind cannot be profitable, because there one has already got involved in a level of the theater, on which one does not recognize the scenery. Either people sense that something is wrong with what is being played for us in the media, or they do not. If people from the circle of friends or family want to be vaccinated, then it depends on the personal conversation relationship and the heart connection, because the mind level was made especially to separate us.

Talk to people about their personal fears about the pandemic and see how you can give confidence and trust. See how you can get them out of their heads and into their bodies, because the haunting is all in the head. With people who want to do everything well and right and have a strong superego, the media BrainWash works almost as well as with people who are in fear. The propaganda is also particularly effective with those who have never lived out the early childhood phase of defiance and have adopted their parents’ opinions unquestioningly.

In order to invalidate the spectacle in its hypnotic effect, untimely thresholds in the healthy I education of the human being must be made up for. But we come back again to what the vaccination causes in the physical as in the energetic and what is prepared in the actual sense with it. The vaccination leaves an inprint, a mark in the vibrational signature of the energetic body, which can be followed over several incarnations. It sets a brand mark for a very specific spirit soul development path. As human beings, we have come to a crossroads of development, and the directions of development are set, among other things, by the inoculation marker. It was never about money what the pharmaceutical industry earns thereby, also it was only marginally about the goal of population reduction, but it is ultimately about winning souls over several incarnations for the digital path of development. The vaccination decomposes the energetic inner life and rewrites the RNA coding in such a way that after some time it can be applied to digital silicon structures.

The emotional inner life dies and this inner decomposition process is much more far-reaching and devastating than the dying of the physical body. The string-pullers who want to dutifully bring the vaccination measures into play have a super-incarnational perspective, and it is important to them that they keep all their sheep together with the marking in the energy body, so that even after leaving the body it can be ensured that the soul aspect continues to move in the direction of digitalization. RNA and DNA is coded languages of creation and inoculation is an essential step in transforming this language of creation into a digital language of art. DNA is the language of life, carrying the complete blueprint for a particular life form and controlling individual life processes. Through the RNA language, genetic information can be translated in the organism. The RNA language has a direct access to the regulation of DNA coding and provides for the translation of enzymes and proteins. The vaccine is artificially programmed in RNA coding, thus mimicking the language with which our organism speaks. The actual goal of the vaccination is a gradual DNA modification by minimally changing the information chains of the RNA exchange. With vaccination, we are injected with passive RNA codes that latch onto the body’s communication system, and which can be specifically activated from the outside via radiation technology.

The passive RNA codes are harmless to the organism in the inactive state, since the organism usually does not automatically absorb the artificially implanted codes into its information chains. However, as soon as the digital programs are integrated into the copying process of the RNA through activation, the artificial codes overwrite the natural translation tasks of the RNA, and the organism gradually changes its entire internal language. We are indirectly offered with the vaccination an alternative DNA and sometime an alternative, eternally living, silicon-based consciousness carrier. And who decides today for the vaccination, will have it more difficult at a later time in the spirit-soul development path in the direction of the digitalization of the own DNA once again to redirect. The developmental direction taken with vaccination is far more devastating than physical death, since death is a part of the natural cycle of life, but vaccination prepares one to leave this natural cycle of life and death. Everyone who is vaccinated with RNA active substances carries a mark in their vibrational signature that can be used as leverage at any time, even when not incarnated.

We get this mark out of our system only when we start to consciously read and speak our RNA and DNA language. Normally, living beings always speak the language in which their body speaks, but because you have removed yourself from the DNA language of your body with your artificially linear mind language, you can only indirectly intervene in its processes. Your written language, with which you converse, has prepared the artificial coding of the RNA injection, because only by speaking in a language, which is not the language of your body, you can inoculate yourselves the information codes without being aware of it. Those who have created the RNA information codes in the inoculation follow a very unnatural philosophy and they consider themselves to be the next stage of development to being human. And partly they believe that they are actually doing you some good by doing this, because they see the vaccination as the preparation for eternal life in a digital form. Of course, there are ways and means, even after the vaccination, to take another path of development spiritually than the one into digitalization. However, for this the artificial codings must be recognized as fast as possible and led out, before they latch themselves into the body-own communication. From the point where the passive RNA codes in the vaccine are activated, a process begins that successively rewrites all the natural information transmission pathways of RNA-DNA translation.

The RNA codes present in the vaccination are like a virus that sounds its way into the body’s natural language codes and begins to rewrite them. As irony would have it, people inject themselves with a much more devastating virus that in the long run takes over all RNA-DNA communication to protect themselves from the pandemic theater. Those who have learned to speak inwardly the same language in which their own bodies are encoded can identify the artificial virus program of vaccination as a foreign body and break the digital information chains in their RNA. It is possible to penetrate the RNA codes directly with the consciousness and rewrite them.

Naturally, we do this indirectly all the time already, as all elements of our inner life influence the translation forms of protein synthesis and cell communication. However, if the conscious inner life dies off, then the consciousness, also in its language, moves away more and more from its consciousness carrier. And its inner communication. With the dying of the inner life, a living being is even more dependent on drawing a living environment from others, and this results in a vicious circle. You have already externalized much of your own responsibility for your life through a body that, in a way that is incomprehensible to you, provides you with your livelihood. And this process culminates in your inner life becoming more and more degraded, and the form in which you live interacting with the environment in ways in which you ultimately have no say.

Take back your responsibility and your voice. And resume communication with your body! And the more consciously you do this, the more you learn to read, and speak, the creation language of your DNA. Of course it hurts to see when close relatives or friends decide in front of your eyes for another way of development. Especially when you are fully aware of the far-reaching consequences. But also beings who externalize themselves more and more over several incarnations, and transform the inner natural language of creation into an artificial-technical one, will eventually return to the order of creation. A being that is stuck in a digital silicon structure because it started to get injected with artificial RNA codes three or four incarnations ago will eventually, sooner or later, be reset in its evolution of consciousness, and get another chance from life to unfold within natural cycles.

The inoculation is a one-way street, from which one does not come out so fast after the activation of the digital RNA virus. We have already let it come very far as mankind that such hard guns are brought up in the fight against our becoming conscious. And actually this only means that we have reached the point of crossroads in human history. We are on the home stretch in our development of consciousness. And who now lets himself be inoculated once again on the last meters, and thereby spirit runs in a completely different direction, is to be helped only with difficulty. Who now lets himself be marked, will have to do with this marking in his signature the next lives, which does not mean that after the vaccination it is still possible to go a natural way of consciousness. Even if RNA vaccines prepare a way into the lack of will and the death of the inner life, this does not mean that everyone who gets vaccinated really has to go this way. But from a certain level of decomposition of the inner life, it becomes difficult for a person to muster the will to go another way. It is rushed with the fear of the death of the physical body to implement programs that prepare the death of the inner life. That the body dies is natural. That the inner life dies, on the other hand, is not.

But if you want to have an eternal body, you have to let your natural inner life die. Within the twisted philosophy of soulless silicon life forms, our natural way of life makes little sense. They truly believe they are helping us evolve by implanting artificial DNA. RNA vaccination is supposed to prepare the human organism to absorb parts of the DNA structure from a highly intelligent digital species. They believe that by assimilating our DNA to their programming, they will actually help us. And most likely, the part of humanity that gets vaccinated today will follow this path of assimilation into a highly intelligent, technological field.

On Earth, on the other hand, there will be a different wind of development. Those humans, who decide for the digitalization of their DNA, will have to settle sooner or later on another plan field, because the earth has prepared another life experience.

Life on earth will return to its origins. And offer a creative path of unfoldment. Who would like to incarnate therefore further on this earth, or would like to go a natural creation way of the consciousness development, it is recommended to him not to be inoculated with artificial programs which draw a completely different development way before.

Robin Kaiser


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