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Benki Piyako – Ashaninka – Awakener of the consciousness, serving mother earth.

How inspiring it is to meet people who act body and soul to bring a new consciousness to our world. Awareness, that we must protect Mother Earth, for us, for our children, for all living beings on this earth. Benki, a chief and shaman of the Ashaninka tribe in the Amazon, is a person who leaves no one indifferent. With his love for life, for the earth, for the living, he transmits his wisdom and finds the words to say it as well to the natives, to the people of all the continents as to the political and economic world. And he is heard! The gap still seems to exist between the consciousness of those who rule most of the countries, those who call themselves the guardians of Mother Earth and those who live there. But in the end, aren’t we all the same? Whether we are white, red, yellow or black, our interior looks a lot alike, does it not? What distinguishes us from others, apart from our cultures, the places where we were born and our skin color? Do people born in the West consider themselves more lucky? Privileged? And what about those born without electricity, running water, in the depths of the Amazonas, the virgin forest or those born on the plateaus and mountains of our planet? Those who hear the heart of mother earth beat? Who are the luckiest of us? Is this really a question, or are we not all just children of Mother Earth, and don’t we all have a role to play for the good of the big whole? And this role, could it be to put at the service of the planet and the others, our gifts and talents that we received when arriving here? To be able to enter the dance with the living and with this incredible nourishing land that offers us so much love, goodness, food and abundance? Benki is doing his job well. He could hardly do better. He is one of those who speak the language of all people, of all social classes. Of those who do not let themselves be confused about their mission even when they are offered a lot, a lot of money. He does not let himself be bought. He knows he will die for Mother Earth if necessary. He also knows that it is through our contribution and our ties with our fellow men and with our lands that we can rise and enter a new era of peace and harmony. Thus, it is a path in our heart, we who forget so often who we are. Benki gave me hope. I see in him a weaver of links, a bridge builder, a being at the service of the human and Mother Earth acting from the heart. His fame, his status in his people and the world, and his countless success stories prove that life is good for him. When hectares of land and thousands of native people escape unscathed thanks to some good words addressed to the right people at the right time, everything is said.

He’s a free electron, serving the planet. One who grew up with her, who knows what she needs. In the middle of the jungle he learned to communicate with her. And his words go hand in hand with his people and all those who represent them. Those who are called the first peoples, the natives, the guardians of Mother Earth, but also all those who know that the survival of our planet depends on our reliance, on the love we have one towards the other.

Let us reconnect with our Mother Earth, bearer of all the fruits that the world can offer us, and give her grace, by listening to her, by entering into her dance, by vibrating with her, raising our consciousness and let us get penetrated by this energy that has given birth to all of us. Who has always been and who will always remain. Who is all that is.

A story to follow …



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Les Kogis, les gardiens de la mère terre au service de la planète.


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