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It is in the disaster that life awakes, par Louis Fouché

By Louis Fouché

“We can no longer be indignant behind our screens, lamenting behind our emails. We can no longer eternally rely on a few, however charismatic they may be. Let us know how to read between the lines. The symbolic fall of the IHU is complete. We can no longer watch, passively, a few courageous or charismatic people, Gérard Maudrux, Louis Fouché, Alexandra Henrion Caude, Luc Montagnier, Pascal Sacré,

The brutality of the order brings 10 of the greatest resistants before its court.

We are at an inflection point. It is time. It is high time. We are well and truly in a dictatorship.

It is the great time of the heroes. A powerful groundswell is rising. We must go with it. Thousands of individuals, of citizens will rise to say NO. This No is unstoppable, invincible. It is a living, vibrating grain of sand in the gears of the cold totalitarian machinery. Our responsibility is heavy. Our courage is immense. Our hope is ridiculous.

For several days, the “sounds of boots” … Hundreds of registrations of doctors and caregivers are raining.

Even more since last night. The law will impose experimental gene therapy on caregivers and then on everyone. No dictatorship in the world has managed such a transgression.

What should doctors and caregivers do? Give up their vocation, their career, their life? Or submit?

The time is no longer to hide from orders, they will come to you.

The choice is irredeemable BUT temporary. Because totalitarian surges only have a time. And this time has come. We have to make a choice. In our soul and conscience. And hold on!

These announcements are only the beginning. After the caregivers, it will be the citizens, then our children, pregnant women and babies.

It’s time to act like you’ve never acted in your life. It is time to commit like you have never committed in your life. Nothing else matters anymore. Coordinate the networks. Invent survival. Dream of unexpected passages through the gusts. It is only at the bottom of the impasse that a way out to the sky takes shape. It is in the disaster that the Living One wakes up.

Get out of the digital. Activate reality.

Connect. Put yourself in action.

You can do anything, and much more!”

ReinfoCovid Physician Collective and Louis Fouché

Coco Tache supports

You wanted us dead but we feel more alive and radiant than ever


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