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I was having a chat with my girl about the guy who swooped her up before me, and it turns out that more or less, he pretty much picked her up the same way I did. I believe that this is something that seems very natural to…well, naturals. We were talking, and she told me about how she constantly gets hit on at work, even by the straight mature women when they find out that she goes both ways. And I got to thinking, there is something definitely to the way I, and other naturals, pick up hired guns, or mature women in shared social environments such as the classroom.

I think that there are two types of people that are attracted to hired guns that they don’t hook up with. There are those that hit on these girls almost immediately, and then there are those that are too chicken shit to ever make a move. The problem with the first group of people, is that although they may be attractive, when they hit on these girls and ask them out immediately, they automatically get filtered out simply because the girl is just use to constantly being hit on and asked out.

So how is one to go about picking up these mature women? First, she has to see you as a fly guy. If I’m trying to get a girl at a place I frequent, whether it’s the classroom, while she is working, or wherever, I always make sure that I’m dressed as fly as ever. This will set you apart from every other guy that comes dressed like a bum, and will cause her to at least notice you and categorize you as a potential. In general, you want to look like a pretty cool guy that has his shit together; the type of guy that looks like he isn’t hurting for mature women.

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Next, you don’t really want to hit on these girls during your first few interactions. All you want to do, is talk to her whenever you run into her, and just come off as a very chill guy. All you gotta do is bullshit with these girls, give them a few laughs, interact with them, and share a few stories about your day to day interactions; you know, a “Hey, wassup? How are you? What’s new with you?” type deal.

The purpose of this is to get across that you’re not every other guy that she runs into that hits on her right away. This will build trust with her. Pretty soon, she’ll be talking to you simply because she is familiar with you and feels like she can trust you. And use your head, don’t take up their time during busy hours if you’re going after mature women at their workplace.

This sets you up for the next step, inviting her out to some kind of party, social event, or festival. When the typical guy hits on her and invites her out, either she won’t give him her number, or she will flake on him. She gets hit on all the time and has no reason to go out with him. However, when you’re a guy that she is familiar with, she is MUCH more likely to come and chill with you. And in case you don’t know how to go about this, I’ll give you one example. Let’s say we’re chatting it up like we usually do, I might just see what she’s up to on the weekend. If she doesn’t know or says she’s not doing anything, I’ll pitch her a social event and tell her that she should come.

If she is familiar with you and doesn’t actually have plans of her own, she will have no problem going out with you. It’s just a friendly invite that friends offer each other all the time. Alright, so when she’s out with you and your friends, you’re going to be the only one that she knows and is familiar with, so naturally, she’s going to bond to you. In her head, she’s going to be thinking “I never meet any guys, and this guy seems pretty cool.”. If you show her a good time while you’re out (read: charisma and humor), from my experience, she’s going to start flirting with you heavily, calling you all the time, and generally trying to make you two “happen”.

These girls get hit on all the time, so when they say that they never meet any guys, what they really mean is that they never meet any guys that give them time to be attracted to them before they start making moves on them. They meet a lot of attractive men, but it is up to you to be the one attractive guy that she actually feels familiar enough with to pair up with. When dealing with hired guns and mature women in shared social environments, a little delay move will actually work to your advantage.