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The new power that is emerging is the power of transformation

Many of us are probably already experiencing, the hardest time of our lives. Suddenly becoming aware that freedom, expression is being restricted, that things are being forced upon us that we don’t want. Suddenly we become aware of what it means to be free, what it means to LOVE, to embrace, what it means to be allowed to move and express ourselves freely.

Personally, I am so grateful to the present moment that what has been happening in the unconscious until now is coming to the surface. Because why else would there be so many burnouts, so many illnesses and so much suffering on our planet?

We are all facing a big decision… Which everyone has to take for himself. Do we commit ourselves to our HEARTS, our inner guidance? Or do we give ourselves up to the control from the outside? Which emotions do we feel? Which emotions want to be looked at right now? Today is about receiving and looking at these feelings.

No, we are not living in an easy time, and yet it is the time of heroes, where people who have courage, strength and a clear vision are laying a whole new foundation of a new, healthy society.

So the call we all hear is to get through this difficult time NOW. Not tomorrow, but TODAY! Through our own strength. To take a clear stand, to stand up, to take responsibility for ourselves and for world events. Forgive, yes! For the elimination of all thoughts of separation will lead us to a state of dignity, which will then be visible in the world, favoring exchange and cooperation as opposed to competition and predation.

Voices are ringing out from everywhere that good friends have never been made as quickly as they are today. Suddenly it becomes easy to find like-minded people. Where banal conversations used to take place, people are communicating with profundity very shortly after becoming acquainted. People are beginning to care about each other, to listen to each other, to develop resilience, which is our organic nature…. The new power that is emerging is immense!!! It is the power of transformation that turns fears and suffering into light and clarity. It is the same power that calls us to unite with it and in it.

Equipped with this infinite power, which comes to shine directly from the source, suddenly gates open for us to a whole new reality, in which we no longer recognize ourselves as victims of the old world, but as incredible creators of the new earth.

That’s what it’s all about now… Becoming aware that abundance can truly reach us – and flow through us – only when we are ready to let go of attachments, suffering and expectations of the past. For at the very moment we do this, we begin to create the new with our LIFE-oriented feelings and thoughts, and this from an attitude of overflowing love.

Coco Tache supports

It is in the disaster that life awakes, par Louis Fouché


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