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A story

By Wedischer Rundblick (Telegram)

Dear ones, I did not want to withhold this vision from you. If we wish and imagine it from the bottom of our hearts, it will come true:

My youngest son comes running home from school. I can hear him from far away, he is jumping and singing, sometimes it is quiet again for a moment and then I know he has just stopped to look at a plant he was studying in class earlier. Or to look up at the sky, bright blue above us, and think what the cloud he saw looks like.

“Mom, Mom,” he calls out, “we did another great thing today. We went through some new medicinal herbs at school that help with tummy aches. Do you want me to show you?” I look at him and my heart wants to burst with joy and love. His little face glows with happiness, he radiates an irrepressible energy and vitality.

” Gladly, my darling” I say to him. “Where is your brother then?” “Oh” he replies, “he wanted to go to Noah’s, there were calves born there again this morning.”

“Nice” I say and first take my little one tightly in my arms. “We’ll therefore eat just the two of us”. My companion is still on the way, a young couple is building a house for themselves and everyone always helps, we work together.

For lunch we have potato casserole, with vegetables from our garden. We grow almost everything ourselves, our soil is clean and rich in nutrients. And what we do not have ourselves, we exchange with our neighbors, who are also our friends. For money we have abolished, it became unnecessary. Now and then I still find a banknote from the old days, folded into a flier.

Meat is very rare in our house. We don’t like it anymore, the time where we exploited and tortured other living beings for us is long gone. Only now and then, when an animal has died, it comes as a meal on the table, the men are still a little attached to it.

We get our water from the springs that are everywhere, they are pure and you can drink everything without hesitation. Diseases have decreased a lot since we stopped using chemicals and our elders fall asleep peacefully and without agony at a reasonable age. And never again are any of them alone.

In general, we all take care of the elderly in our village together. Community, that is the most important thing in our village. We help each other, each according to his possibilities, no one is hungry

After the meal, my little whirlwind already jumps up and runs into the forest, next to which our house stands. There we practice archery in the afternoon, among many other things. Happy about his joy I watch him leave.

Our children are growing up contentedly, in harmony with nature, and yes, they love school. There are no fixed school hours anymore, each child comes when he or she has slept in and leaves as he or she pleases. And yet they become self-confident, strong people, because subjects are taught there that are really important for the development of humanity.

School ratings…? We don’t need them anymore. Every child is very good the way he or she is, we know that, and we don’t need a certificate for that.

Satisfied, I take another look around our small, colorful and lovingly furnished house and leave it without locking up. What for? Each of us has enough, no one needs to take anything from the other anymore.

On the way to the center of the village, where in the evening there will be a bonfire with singing and dancing for everyone who likes, I briefly reflect on the old times…

How much has changed! It was a long way from the time when governments and state powers still existed. But we made it, with many good people who realized that this life before was not what we were supposed to live….

Oh, I forgot, our country where we live has a new name. We have named it: Freiland.

Coco Tache supports

Weaving our new Earth


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