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Honesty je t’aime – l’union fait la force

The name says it all. When we are honest with ourselves, we are honest toward others, toward nature. We are aligned, cheerful, confident. The name also has for me a great personal past, as my beloved mare was called Honesty. It was her who has led me amongst others to Christiane Bilat, one of my best friends and the founder of this great support, uniting under one roof many of the greatest coaches and therapists of the French speaking world! (English and German coming next).

Since I know Christiane – over 15 years – she always had in herself this thirst of humanistic evolution. She has a wonderful intuition and with her generosity, her listening abilities and wisdom, she always knew that there was a project out there waiting for her to blossom. A project that raises consciousness. Which leads straight into joy, into the heart. And this woman, who was for a long time executive in a large watch brand and therapist out of passion, one day left her employee status in order to dedicate 100% of her life to her passion. And she succeeded!

Today, she launches Honesty, in the service of the human, with the invitation to find that diamond within ourselves, just waiting to shine, to flourish. To do this, she associated herself with her partner-in-crime Laurence Schneiderand together they constitute in a beautiful complementarity the basis of this invitation to find ourselves in our strength. The dreamteam then surrounded themselves by some of the most successful men and women of inspirational coaching, NLP, mindfulness, hypnosis, yoga. People who have already helped thousands of people to get out of their discomfort in order to find harmony and fulfilment deep within themselves.

By subscribing to Honesty, a 28-day program à 15-minute daily sessions, one agrees to enter into a life without limits, without fears, without doubts … ready to shine and to crunch life to the fullest, accompanied by a Martin Latulippe, Iker Aguirre, Paul Pyronnet, Dr Olaf Makaci, Christelle Bessou, Louis Yagera, François Lemay, David Vigneron, Sylvie Alves, Patrick Buet, Christian Le Goff and many others.

For us, the power and strength of Honesty is the unison under one roof of all those who have already proven themselves in the field of personal growth. The times of I are over… Honesty is US, the real us. Unity is strength ! Long life to Honesty.

Please discover HERE in French the magic emanating from Honesty.

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