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How to start your day

From time to time, getting up in the morning can be an exhausting and nerve-wracking thing, especially in the winter, or when we simply don’t want to succumb to the obligations and duties that await us the next day. Sometimes we strive for a long lie-in during the whole week instead just on the weekends. However, staying longer in the bed leaves you rushing to get dressed, eat unhealthy breakfast on-the-go, and with little or no time to finish up all the chores. This raises your stress level, enhances anxiety and generally makes you feel even more tired. But your morning routine can start off quite differently, decrease your stress and set you up for exactly the kind of day you would like to have. And here are a few tips that will help you encourage your day.

Drink warm lemon water

The first thing you get out of bed, head out to the kitchen, squeeze a fresh lemon and pour warm water. Drinking lemon water helps the liver flush out the toxins, plus you will get recharged with essential boosting vitamins right in the morning. Beyonce, for that matter, drinks one gallon of water with lemon a day. Furthermore, drinking warm water keeps the digestive system on the track, improves bowel movements, and even sheds excess pounds.

Get organized the night before

Not only will staying up extra fifteen minutes save you loads of time in the morning, but when you organize yourself for the next day, get the bag ready, get the lunch packed, and so on, you can even sleep a little bit longer. Also, determine what you are going to wear for the next day, iron it the night before and clean the shoes. Getting organized the night before will help your morning flow with ease.

Go for a short stroll

There is nothing better than breathing in the fresh morning air. Even though you might need to wake up a little bit earlier, it will all be worth it. Taking a short stroll or a slow-paced walk around the neighborhood will uplift your spirit, re-energize you for the upcoming day and immediately make you feel revitalized. Only make sure that you have quality walking shoes to make your walk even more comfortable. Sites like Walk Jog Run will help you choose the best shoes for your new morning routine.


Meditation controls anxiety reduces stress, promotes emotional health amongst numerous other benefits. It will undoubtedly elevate your body and mind entirely in the morning, plus the deep breathing exercise will improve your focus and lengthen your attention span. Even greater ease will be achieved if you lit calming eucalyptus aromatherapy candle from Bath and Body Works, wind down and concentrate on breathe deeply.

Technological detox

You need to relax before bedtime. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media, as well as flashing screens of small gadgets, impede that from happening. In order to have a restful sleep and a more balanced and placid morning, you must turn off all the devices, including TV and the computer. Instead of grabbing your telephone in the morning, take time to really be with yourself.

Do mindful yoga

Yoga is an ideal mindful workout to get the day started. You don’t need to do an hour’s time workout, on the contrary, for a total body elevation you only need to do yoga for 10 minutes. However, it will be beneficial to do morning yoga poses that promote the use of mindful breathing and gentle movement ensuring that your day begins with joy and serenity. Downward Dog Pose, Child’s Pose, and Triangle Pose will all help you achieve that.

Wake up earlier than usual

Many people reckon that early morning is the most productive time of the day. It might be tough and counterintuitive to wake up earlier then you used to, but getting up early will leave you with an abundance of spaciousness. Just try waking up 15 minutes earlier, and then instead of rushing through your shower, dedicate extra time solely to yourself. Stretch, relax, drink coffee, and simply unwind.

Be grateful

Every single morning represents a new beginning. If you accept that notion, you will feel more easy-going and motivated in the morning. Therefore, take time to open the curtains, salute the dazzling sun, greet the day and say thanks. Then, name at least five things that you are grateful for. The moment you express the attitude of gratitude you will automatically shift the way you see, feel, and do anything throughout the day.

All it takes is paying attention to your deeds in the morning. Mindfulness is all about being present in each moment. When you wake up notice the smells, colors, textures and the whole world around you, and only then will you get a balanced and attentive morning.

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