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The first eco-friendly wetsuit without neoprene by Picture Organic Clothing !


It is all about a new common challenge for Picture Organic Clothing, always inspired by the brand DNA “Ride, Protect & Share”. Thanks of two years of research and many hours of testing, our 3 founders Julien, Jeremy & Vincent, propose you today the first wetsuit without neoprene !

The challenge

Our team has searched for a sustainable and responsible alternative to the rarely recyclable and polluting neoprene: “a high quality wetsuit, following our 100% eco-friendly vision”. So, instead of synthetic rubber, we use a natural one which permits to reduce by half the carbon footprint!

The result

The NaturalPrene stretch technology: a wetsuit made of 85% natural rubber from a Malaysian plantation and 15% of synthetic chlorine-free rubber.

Moreover, we’ve used a revolutionary production process, integrating micro particles that enable NaturalPrene to extend up to almost 4 times its original size and solvent-free water based glue to paste the recycled polyester lining, which permits maximum comfort and ultra-fast drying.

With the R&D department, pushing innovation and design further, we’ve added new technologies to the wetsuit:

-Power Grip: inspired by triathlon technologies, it is a unique silicone coating that provides more power in the water when padding, therefore more efficiency

-Dry Now: a high-performance polyester hydrophobic fabric that moves moisture away, dries very fast and insulates better

-Motion Pattern: Inspired by the triathlon’s wetsuit construction, allowing a completely free mobility of the shoulders

And many other innovations to discover!

We always try to stretch the limits in order to create performance products which offer great enjoyment while riding in the spring 2017!

Ride for future !


Picture Organic Clothing supports

Positive Action Festival - «Un mode de vie proche de la Nature et de l'Océan»


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