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Joel Eggimann | Life on the Road

We proudly present the travelblog of Joel Eggimann, which we’ve known now already for a few years. We got in contact with him concerning a cooperation with FOCUSWATER, as he is a member of the freerunning/parkour-crew free-Z.

Part I

Joel Eggimann: “Spontaneous adventures are the best ones. Having no plan while traveling is quite interesting and gives me the feeling of freedom. There has always been a final destination though – every trip ends by going back to this place where I pay rent. Some people call it home. Let’s just call it a hotel.
So many times I’ve been away and had to finish my trip because I pay for that empty hotel room. Even if I really enjoy being away, it always bothers me that I pay for something I don’t need at the moment. I started to wonder… what would it be like if I checked out of this hotel and didn’t pay rent anymore? What would it be like if I started living on the road? To go where it’s nice and do what I like… what would it be like to have a life where I constantly travel, where home is wherever I am? After all this went through my head, I took a pen and wrote some more details into a notebook. Stuff like “where do I want to go,” or more important, how am I going to afford all this! Knowing that I would travel by car, at least I wouldn’t have to worry about accommodation. I couldn’t figure out if everything will work out or not, but I think there’s only one way to find out.

I will set out on an adventure which probably will give me more experiences than any other trip has in my entire life. Due to the fact that I will have given up my apartment, I probably won’t have any choice than to start living a life on the road.

In my opinion, everyone who is interested in traveling should go out there and do it. Traveling is always a success. You will always make new experiences. Whether they’re good or bad, they are still experiences that will stay with you your whole life. Unfortunately, there are just too many people who want to go somewhere but don’t have enough courage to do it. As traveling is/has become really normal for me, I want to share my knowledge, inspire, and give you advice about traveling – like how to live on a low budget or how to find an accommodation for free. With regular blog posts and videos, I will keep you up to date and share my adventures.

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