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“Did you feel ill at that time?” Su Jing hesitated to ask, during that time, at least she could not see where he was uncomfortable. Chi Zhongbo did not answer her, but said, “I expect that one day I will come here. If I really come here, at least there is one here who can accompany me. Look at Chi Yu’s mother, Yiling. It’s not easy for her to live for so many years.” I can’t bear to let her worry about me any more. Chi Min is still doing well, gave birth to a baby, and always settled down, but Chi Yu, although never let people worry before, but since you, he also let Yiling worry a lot. Chi Zhongbo sighed, “Yiling is getting older now. As early as a few years ago, I wanted to find her a safe person to live with, but she refused.” I was thinking, the old man, in the end, there must be a considerate person to take care of.. Su Jing, will you forgive Grandpa for what he has done? “Grandpa, why are you still talking about not forgiving?”? You all know that you want to find someone to accompany your aunt for life. Why didn’t you find one for yourself at the beginning? Chi Zhongbo was stupefied. He really didn’t have this idea, but Su Jing thought of it for him. Then she burst out laughing: “Yes, why didn’t I think of it?”? I live in hatred every day, hate those who kill Qilian, hate those who kill Chengjun,Micro Gear Motor, but I did not think that those I hate, should also be able to think for me. I have been thinking about the people I have remembered for so many years, but I remember them in another way of hatred. Why didn’t I think there was another way to remember someone? Chapter 383 of the main text (3). Su Jing smiled faintly, yes, some things think through, think through, then a lifetime can not let go of this shackle, a lifetime of their own circle into a dead end. Chi Yu paid the bill, and Han Mo helped Chi Zhongbo into the car and transferred to the hospital in the city. Han Mo still did not go back, all day to accompany Chi Zhongbo side,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, Chi Zhongbo has the maintenance of medicine, the body is also healthy day by day. Su Jing goes to work during the day and goes to the hospital to see Chi Zhongbo after work at night. LACY sometimes goes with her. Chi Zhongbo likes to see young life, LACY or the kind of cheerful smiling girl, but also more attractive to Chi Zhongbo. Every day, he and Su Jing changed their ways to make him happy, and he suddenly relaxed both physically and mentally. And these days, the most, of course, is the wedding of Chi Yu and Su Jing, always asking from time to time, when are you going to get married? And they also consistent tone: “After waiting for grandpa you are good…” So Chi Zhongbo was about to leave the hospital, but when he was ready, Chi Yu began to be a villain, threatening that if he was not obedient, then he and Su Jing would elope, so that he could not attend the wedding. As soon as Chi Zhongbo heard this, he began to scold Chi Yu, High Torque 12v Dc Motor ,12v High Torque Motor, but he had to stay in the hospital and accept the doctor’s treatment. Chi Yu stayed in the United States for two weeks and returned home. Su Jing sent him to the airport. If the work is too tired, don’t do it any more. He put his arms around her and held her forehead against him. I know, you go back. She forced a smile, in this life, and he has a number of separation and reunion, each time there is a different mood, and each time, there will be the same mood, that is, do not give up, do not give up to heartache. Even like now, and his feelings have been set, will eventually go to the hall of marriage, the heart, but more reluctant to give up. During the two weeks in the United States, like all women in love, I tasted happiness, sweetness and incomparable happiness. I’ll try to find time to come over, but Su Jing, you should understand that my focus is at home. Chi Yu looked at her, with a struggle in his eyes, but only for a moment, it turned into determination, “but I want to be with you, every day, every hour, every moment, I want to have you by my side, I don’t want to be separated any more..” Su Jing smiled. She knew what he meant. She put her hand around his neck. “I know Chi Yu, I know..” She pressed her upper lip against his thin and cool lips in the noisy airport lobby. “I’ll wait for you to come back.” He kissed deeply and murmured to her. Both of them were immersed in the lingering kiss, forgetting the crowd around them. It was not until thunderous applause came from around that Su Jing gently pushed Chi Yu away, her face like a red cloud on the horizon. Chi Yu had a generous look and smiled at them with a handsome face. You go quickly. Su Jing gently pushed him away and hurriedly turned to leave, but he held her back. Wait He took out a box from his bosom, in which was a thin ring with broken diamonds. He took her hand and put it into her ring without asking her. Well, I haven’t agreed yet. There’s no proposal. How could anyone do that? Su Jing pursed her mouth and looked discontented. Do you dare to disagree? How many years of youth have I wasted on you, and you don’t want to be responsible? He frowned solemnly, and Su Jing was stunned. Looked around the face smiling at their people, Su Jing’s face more red, how can it be like she kept him? I.. I didn’t ask you to waste. Su Jing looked embarrassed and didn’t know what to do. He suddenly laughed: “Yes, you did not tell me to waste, is my own bitchy, is my own obsession, put so many beautiful women do not choose, but will fall in love with you this little thing that does not understand romance and has no interest, it is my fault, it is all my fault, OK?” What do you mean, okay? He actually made her worthless, so if she promised to marry him, he would be wronged, wouldn’t he? “No, how embarrassed I am to let you be wronged?” She went to take off the ring on her hand, but saw a lot of balloons falling from the airport hall not far away. She looked up and saw many balloons flying down not only in front of her, but also in the whole hall. In an instant, the petals were flying through the center of the balloons, one by one,Brushless Gear Motor, like a sudden rain of roses falling from the sky. Blurring all human eyes. People screamed in the hall, and then some people jumped up to grab the balloons, and some people crushed the balloons to congratulate them.