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Is DeWalt DW088K Still the Best Cross Line Laser Level on The Market? 

Introduction/Product overview

Are you looking for the best cross-line laser level at a really good price? It would be best for you to dig into some laser level comparison reviews to get yourself a nice & durable device.

Below here, we have reviewed DEWALT Line Laser, Self-Leveling, Cross Line (DW088K) in great detail so that this article helps you to get yourself the best laser level. If it’s your first time buying a laser level, you might be asking yourself   what is the best laser level? The attached link will help you to compare the features and prices of different devices under different names. This DeWalt might be old, but it is still the best cross line laser level among its newer counterparts because of its accuracy and the most important feature in any device in construction work.


This laser level is integrated with a magnetic bracket. So, it can attach itself to any piece of metal and get you desired results. It can also adjust with a tripod which also comes with it, but you have to buy it separately.


The DEWALT laser level is durable and has over-moulded housing with a 1-meter drop rating which gives it an edge when it is bought for construction-related work. It is indeed the best rated laser level  out there.


This device has an accurate range of up to 30 ft and can achieve up to 165 ft. if used with a detector that is sold separately. It also has a self-levelling feature which is unlike its competitors, is accurate and long-term.

Water and debris resistance

The feature that makes this device the best laser level for builders is the water and debris resistance. It has an IP54 rating and a sturdy storage case that keeps it clean and secure when not in use.


It has a red line laser, not a newer green line (which is really bright even in the sunlight), so it is not good for you if you are working on a sunny day. It is only two-dimensional, not three, which means that it will not project a line completely around a room; hence, not good for flooring and ceiling. Another drawback that this device has is that it does not have a lock for the self-levelling mechanism because the level keeps changing whenever it moves.


Super-easy to align things for hanging.
Super-easy to mark vertical studs
Red lines are very bright indoors.


Great hard-shell case.



Not good for a sunny outdoor dunny day
It does not come with a tripod

Conclusion/Who should buy the machine

By the ratings and reviews of this device on different sites, we assure you that this device is the best rated laser level for a construction worker or a home handyman you can get your hands on. We hope that our review of the best cross-line laser level helps you in deciding whether to buy this piece or not. If you think you can work with its drawbacks and it won’t affect your work, then this device is certainly the   best laser level in the market.