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As he spoke, he finally turned his peach blossom eyes around Du Tiechi for a long time before he chuckled and stepped out of the door. Fang Hong was eager for her to go quickly, and seeing this, she hurried to send her out. The girl in purple whispered something in her ear again, only to see that Fang Hong’s face was blue and white for a while, looking very unnatural, but she still forced herself to smile and nodded perfunctorily. Only then did the girl in purple reluctantly look at Du Tiechi, her shoulders shrugging lightly, turning into a gray glow, and the electricity rolled away. Nine-tailed Golden Bee “Fang Hong looked at her receding figure and gnashed her teeth with a grim smile.” You bitch who doesn’t know whether you are alive or dead, sooner or later I want you to die without a burial place! ” Then he turned around, reached out his hand and pointed to the mirror, and re-set the entrance guard. Then he turned to Du Qinchi with a smile and made a seductive gesture. Du Tiechi had already known their intentions from the dialogue between the two women, and his heart was full of vigilance. Seeing this, he smiled coldly and said, “Master Tong is a famous senior immortal in the universe, but you can’t break his door rules.”. I advise you to give up this heart! Otherwise.. What else could he have done? He could not say, and he was very upset for a moment. After listening to his words, Fang Hong skillfully moved to his side and said with a smile, “Why do you always mention that old ghost?”? What a killjoy. He can’t control me! You look very clever, and you are really pleasing. Shall I discuss it with you? Du Tiechi sneered,Inflatable dry slide, “What do we have to discuss?” Fang Hong looked at him with a chuckle, but sat down on the edge of the jade couch in front of him. She patted him and said, “Come here and sit down. I’ll tell you!” “It’s the same for me to stand and listen,” said Du Tiechi. Fang Hong sighed helplessly and said, “Little enemy, you are really good at grinding people!”! Well, I’ll tell you the truth. There are severe prohibitions inside and outside the Hundred Flowers Sect. Outsiders, even the first-class Jinxian,Inflatable indoor park, can’t go beyond the limits! If you come, you won’t be able to take a step forward. So, I remind you first that you might as well die and then want to go out. Du Tiechi sneered and did not answer. Fang Hong smiled lasciviously: “You don’t dream of seeing Master Tong. He will kill you. In fact, even if he knows, he won’t mind his own business.”. So, if I were you, I might as well be obedient! Stay here, sister, and I will not mistreat you. With a smile on her face, she stood up and said, “Well, did you listen?” When she reached Du Tiechi’s side, she put her hands on her hips and said with a laugh, “You are a wise man. How can you not understand this?”? It seems that although you have a chance to meet a fairy, inflatable water slide ,Inflatable mechanical bull, it is not very humane. As long as you obey me, I can not only teach you when you are free in the future, but also introduce you to Master Tong if you have the chance. He will certainly like you. If you can really worship Master Tong as a teacher, what are you worried about? This is really a blessing falling from the sky. You have no place to look for it with a lantern, do you? Du Tiechi had already seen the woman’s lasciviousness, but now he had lost all his magic weapon and was under her control, so he could only endure it for the time being in order to improvise. Thinking so, the resentment in my heart reluctantly went down a little. “Fang Daoyou,” he said calmly, “I really don’t understand what you mean. Can you make it clear?” When Fang Hong heard that he had changed his name to himself, it seemed that he was no longer hostile to himself. She could not help smiling and exulting for a moment, looking around and expressing her feelings. You really don’t understand? “I don’t understand!” “All right!” “Then I’ll tell you..” said Fang Hong with a smile. There is only a hostess and no host in my Cuibixuan. Do you understand? I mean I want you to stay. Although Du Tiechi had already thought that she had a bad heart for herself, he did not expect her to say it without any taboo, and when he listened, he was really surprised! “Fang Daoyou, you’re wrong.”. “Du Tiechi said coldly,” I am a disciple of Qixiu. How can I do these shameless things from you? I advise you to give up this idea. If you can repent immediately, return my magic weapon to me and send me away, I will be grateful. Maybe you can eliminate a disaster for this. Otherwise, it will lead to a catastrophe. How can you bear it? Perhaps one of my Taoist friends has already gone out at the moment. Although the Hundred Flowers Sect is well guarded, in the end, evil does not invade good. I’m afraid it will be too late to repent at that time! How can the leader of your religion rest with you? Although these words come out in high spirits, they are true. After hearing this, Fang Hong’s face changed slightly, as if she had realized something, but when her eyes stared at Du Tiechi, she was “blinded by color” and could not help bringing out that kind of lascivious temperament on her face. “Thank you for your advice, little brother,” he said with a smile. “It’s a pity that I can’t listen to my sister.” At this point, the pink cheeks suddenly flew up the spring, the body approached a few steps forward, the eye wave sent Jiao tunnel: “Well, I’ve seen a lot of hard-mouthed and soft-hearted young men like you, sister.” As he spoke, he snuggled up to Du Tiechi! Stunned, Du Tiechi shouted angrily, “Stop!”! Fang Daoyou, are you really unrepentant? With that, he hurriedly took a step back and looked at the other side. Nine-tailed Golden Bee “Fang Hong was so licentious that she couldn’t restrain herself. At that moment, she leaned on her body and looked at her with wonderful eyes. She chuckled and said,” Come on, little brother, you don’t have to be a prude in front of your sister. What happened to you and that shameless little bitch in Yandang just now? And pretend I didn’t see it. “What kind of way is it to leave in front of me now?” He opened his arms and hugged Du Tiechi steeply. Du Tiechi’s feet flashed and floated aside! Fang Hong actually hugged an empty, Du Tiechi in a hurry, silently recalled the art of “moving the body to change the scene”, and suddenly flashed out of the window. But his body was only half up when he saw a sudden burst of red light from the ancient mirror hanging high in the room. The red light seemed to be intended to trigger the layer of prohibition that enveloped the whole house, so that he could stop at once,Inflatable outdoor park, but when he saw the white light flashing outside the window, Du Tiechi’s body was waiting to be swept out, which seemed to be a great rebound force to rebound his body back.