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Hey there, folks! Today we’re here to talk a little bit about t-shirts and what goes into them. You might think that you already know what it takes to make or design this simple piece of clothing, but there are actually a lot more aspects than you may have thought of before. T-shirts are a lot more than just a piece of cloth you wear.

Let’s start by talking about t-shirts, what they are and how they differ from other pieces of clothing. T-shirts are pieces of clothing that employ the use of the t-shirt term “t” to denote that it is a type of shirt with short sleeves, collared necklines and a short bottom hemline. They are also referred to as long sleeves, short sleeve or V-neck shirts respectively. It is believed that this originated in the United States during the early 1900s due to their distaste for ties which had become popular during this time period, however there is no definitive proof on whether this is true or not.


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