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The secret success of sewing is not only hidden in the techniques of sewing or in an easy to use sewing machine for beginners but also lies in how you prepare the fabric for sewing. In the preparation stage, the first thing a beginner needs to know about sewing is to know about the pre-washing.

Now let’s go through the 5 complete guides about how you can pre-wash your fabric.


Understanding Your Fabric Content:

If you look at the back or at some corner of the garment, you will see a small note stitched with the fabric. Always read that note because it consists of helpful information about the fabric such as how you wash or iron it.



There are different instructions with silk fabric and following them before you start using it is a must. Since silk is a sensitive fabric and you don’t have time to hand wash it then it’s more convenient to send it to the laundromat. It’s certainly not recommended to use the washing machine for the pre-washing of silk garment because there surely will be damages.



Cotton is sort of a difficult material to deal with, so before you start sewing it, make sure you are pre-washing it. The most optimal way to pre-wash cotton is to wash it in a slightly high temperature water. If you want to save your fabric from shrinking in the course of time, you must wash it at least more than a single time.

Remember that the temperature of the water must be 30 degrees or 40 degrees.


Wool or easily tangled fabric

When you are washing wool or some kind of fabric which is going to be tangled, always cut the edges of the fabric in a zigzag shape. Make sure you are not cutting more than a half inch as this is going to waste your fabric.

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Quilt Fabric

It is suggested you should use cold water when pre-washing quilt fabric. Most people prefer to use patches for the quilting without washing. It’s much better if you always wash the fabric before the quilting.

After getting the quilt preparing done, it’s recommended to choose the option of dry cleaning instead of the washing machine.


Voile or Lawn

It’s extremely crucial to shrink the voile or lawn fabric before you sew it. All you have to do is to dip the fabric into the cold water and leave it for a few hours. With the help of the dryer, you can remove the lines which will appear after drying due to the pre-washing. It’s important to keep a check on your clothes and adopt small techniques.



In a nutshell, the number one thing that every sewer wants to take care of their clothing is that you have to pay attention to the pre-washing step. We hope those tips and instruction can help you preserve your garments well. For more in-depth information about the best sewing machine for beginners that we highly recommend. Have a happy time pre-washing!