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PICTURE Organic Clothing

If you don’t know Picture yet by any chance, we’re more than happy to present them to you. It is a snow- and skibrand, with on it’s origins 3 young french guys, who one day dreamed about creating their own brand, totally based on ethical and ecological values. Well, after 9 years of doing so, we can already talk of a success story. In staying true to themselves, in working so closely with and for Mother Nature, and with their clear vision that they want to become the most eco-friendly boardsport-company with unique creations and powerful colors, they are a sheer example for responsible acting and where all the brands should head towards if they are concerned about nature! Picture is a love story FOR nature and all their products are made out of biological cotton certified GOTS. Get ready for next winter, Picture will be introducing a technical and good-looking footwear range !

Rethink Bag: In addition to being made of 30% recycled polyester and certified OEK O-TE X® 100 (free of any substances harmful to the body and the environment), the «Rethink Bag» was conceived and designed according to an original «second life» concept: when the owner of the bag no longer wants it, he or she can simply take a pair of scissors and cut along the dotted lines to obtain new products: a toiletry case, 2 pencil cases and a laptop case. A much brighter future than ending up in the garbage!

The Picture Recycling Program: consists in designing and manufacturing recyclable products, but also creating means to collect and recycle them. One goal : to limit the amount of waste trashed (incinerated or buried). The brand collects all end of life products, all textile (no matter the brand) and used skateboards.

1 product = 3 sorting options

Donations >> the items that are in good condition. These will be given to charity, to people who need it. It’s a new life that begins for all these clothes.

Re-use >> multi-material damaged collected products will be recycled in a more creative way to become promotional items or accessories in limited editions, such as smartphones cases and other green geek goodies, for their partners stores.

Recycling >> the collected items that are mono-material (100% cotton, 100% polyester) and that can no longer be worn will be recycled into bags, polyester jackets and recycled jeans will be used as insulation in the housing industry.



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