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Pura Worka: “human permaculture design” driven, efficient – motivating – comfy – eco friendly work

Have you ever dreamed about a life style where it’s about to find the optimum balance efficiency and well being?A life style where work do no more stand “in the way” of your passions but instead become a booster for it?

Magda and Neil designed and builded it for you.

My first contact with the two happened on social media, right after I booked my contribution to their crowd funding campaign on wemakeit, which gave me a very good feeling. Good feeling that as been more than confirmed along our first of line meeting in La Cave, a charming wine bar near Lausanne’s railway station. They got sparks in there eyes and their humbleness comforted my thought to be in presence with coherent and dedicated people. It felt like knowing each other already.

Backed up by a solid professional experience in multiple fields such as marketing, event management, customer care, management of sport activity, sustainability, brand management, public relations, knowledge management, and so on they acquired internationally, Neil Beecroft and Magda El Sadek got themselves inspired by a wellness way of life where tasty organic nutrition, connected co-working places with comfortable accommodations and safety meet in some eco-friendly and sustainable platforms, sitting in some of the best “places to be” in the world.

Hider to ride or doing yoga (hopefully both!) you no longer have to travel back home and sit for days, weeks and months in a city office in order to fulfill your thirst for outdoor activity and wilderness.

Pura Worka is “human permaculture design” driven can we say for sure! Magda and Neil’s first Pura Worka facility will be operational in the magic area of Lombok Indonesia by early 2018. Right now they are searching the perfect spot to establish their second co-working space in the wonderful mountains of Valais, Switzerland.

Learning and sharing knowledge is also very dear to the heart of the two young passionate entrepreneurs. Inspiring workshops will also take place, followed by many more offers along the way. Pura Worka is now running the last days of it’s crowdfunding campaign and need your help to contribute and spread the word to your network!

Magda and Neil have carefully tailored many “exciting packages” that really worth your investment. Go and take advantage of it asap before they go. 

So… what about you now ?

Are you In for the Pura Worka life style ?

You can connect with the team here :

Magda El Sadek

Neil Beecroft

Stephane Daniel supports

7sky.life Connection IV Lausanne - 15 novembre D!


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