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Sarah Wu’s beautiful holistic approach to life, by Thatja Andrade

This lady is totally stunning! Just today, my dear friend Simon Hofmann sent me this video of Sarah, interviewed by Thatja, she has such a beautiful holistic approach, so close to nature! Oh my God, it could be so easy, this life, the restructuration of our planet, if only we started to offer the earth our gifts and talents, our love, instead of running behind riches, money, power, and serving the false God! Everything what we need here on earth right now exists already. Let’s take nature as an example. Everything to heal exists already. Nature got it all. Please, beautiful people, let’s all just wake up to that, to our enormous potential, to our beauty, present in each and every one of us. Enjoy this video, may we introduce, Sarah Wu, co-founder of the Envision Festival in Costa Rica.

By: Thatja Andrade / Love Channel TV

I am honored to interview this extradionary woman, Sarah Wu. She is a true inspiration to us, her passionate creative side is focus on building this new paradigm. With her profound understanding about medicinal plants she cultivates and remind us this truth that exits inside all of us! Sarah Wu is the co-producer of Envision Festival. She is currently Director and Educational Curator, leading trainings and workshops in herbal medicine, permaculture design, tropical deep Ecology, field-to-the-plate holistic nutrition and women’s retreats. She is a clinical herbalist of 15 years, practicing planetary eclectic herbalism with a foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Wise Woman Reclaiming philosophy, focusing on food-based healing and local ethnobotanical traditions. She is a passionate mentor and educator. Sarah is the co-founder of Medicines from the Edge: a Tropical Herbal Convergence. Find more about Sarah Wu: Medicinesfromtheedge.com envisionfestival.com Puntamona.org.  Come share with us at Envision Festival Buy tickets >> HERE

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