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The big awakening is taking place – it’s not about Covid anymore.

How awesome is that what is happening at the moment on earth? What a huge gift has been given to all of us.

It’s not about Covid anymore! It’s about realizing that we have been governed by people who do not want our best! They don’t want us and nature to be better, they don’t want our health! They want us to be weak, scared, at their service. But we are understanding that our picture was never complete. That there was this huge hidden part that annihilated our lives, even if we were not conscious about it. All these things that were hidden from us are coming to the surface and help us and humanity to getting complete. I really visualize all this as a big space around us that has never been illuminated. And now, by putting the flashlight on it, human by human, the darkness fades away, the light becomes stronger and stronger.

It needs courage to face the truth. To step out of the old belief-pattern, out of the comfort zone, with the risk to getting attacked by the people we love most, because we do have other opinions. And it needs compassion to understand everybody’s personal development, evolution. But one thing is sure, every person who stands up, who doesn’t agree anymore, who walks another direction, is a huge gift for the planet and the collective! Without even knowing it, all these courageous people open up new pathways, making it much easier for the others following.

An example. Once, we went on an excursion in the mountains. At one stage, a group of 5 crossed a field with HUGE holes in it and all of them got wet to the thighs! A person who saw that, thought, I try to get through there without getting wet. He only wettened one leg. And all the other 20, by having seen what has happened, took the way around this field.

This is the apprenticeship. As long as we don’t know better, we’ll do the same errors again and again. Until we learn out of our mistakes.

This is what’s happening now. We are learning. Our eyes and our ears are wide open, we listen to new people, start to understand that what was taught to us in school, in universities, what we read in the newspapers and watched in the mainstream media is maybe not what can be called the truth! And we start to accept our failure.

Yes, folks, what we are getting now on a silver-plate is a one in a lifetime invitation to wake up, to not do the same errors again, to stop following the ones who want us to keep ‘small’ and ‘insufficient’. The time has come to remember that we are sovereigns, that nobody is above us than God, and that we are incredible beings of light and love with an incredible strength, which is holding back, until we accept and enter our trinity, our fullness, and take the decision to go fully for this great change that’s ahead of us, and which is extremely bright!

Let’s go for it, there is nothing to fear. All that we fear has been with us since hundreds of years. It can only get much much better!

Coco Tache supports

It was all prepared!


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