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The Discover Earth Instagram account is back! And when a big difficulty becomes a great opportunity.

This truth, our friend, Robin Finger (23 years), precursor and great connoisseur of Instagram, experienced it well. Robin, a 23 year old man of the French part of Switzerland made his name with its page Discover Earth and its 2.5 million followers. An exceptional result knowing the domain. But one day the account got hacked. Just like that! His hard work and passion of 4 years gone, volatilized. From one day to the other, his account and his millions of followers had disappeared. Robin entered the void, the nothingness, the doubt …

In these complicated moments, we often find ourselves let alone and the support of a loving entourage is very important. This support, this chance, Robin has had it. During this perilous situation, he understood how much he was loved not for his success, but for who he was. Filled with courage and energy, it was with the help of the creators of Instagram that he managed to recover the first 1.2 million followers, and today his 2.5 millions original account! What a beautiful day! But more importantly, this “bad” adventure allowed him to question himself and see further: “Before, my entire life turned around my Discover Earth page, I was focusing 100% on it. Today, I put my know-how at the service of brands to help them achieve the greatest possible success on this network, which has become impossible to circumvent today.” In the end, the catastrophe has turned into an opportunity. Today, Robin with his great talent, takes over and re-evaluates the strategies and contents of digital networks of professional entities, including their values.

Exciting nevertheless the turn that life can sometimes take. And so happy that he was able to recover his account after so many months! The adventure is complete, and a new chapter is about to be written by the digital marketing expert, Robin Finger.



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Discoverearth Account hacked and the invitation to learn out of difficult situations


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