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The New Earth Manifesto is beiing enriched for the 2021/22 version

Dear ones

From November 13th – 27th the New Earth Manifesto Dreamteam will meet in Mallorca with our Spain Ambassador Valeria Kechichian to update the Manifesto state end of 2021. Therefore: If you have not yet added any comments in the comments section, and have important further suggestions and ideas how our new Earth should look like, we would like to ask you to add them there, so that we can take them into account right away.

Also: From December 2021, we will beat the drums again with the new version, so that this vision is also securely anchored in all people who are now ready to tackle and participate in the design of our new Earth. Because we know: The more we are and align ourselves in the same way, the faster the change will occur. And at the moment we don’t know anything more concrete, more realistic and more practically realizable than the manifesto of the new earth, where all forms of society that may experience a change in the near future are considered.

At the same time as beating the drum, we are also launching a crowdfunding for our networking platform “x” and thank with all our heart all of you who identify with the manifesto, who have already spread it and our generous donors. You can look forward, because at the beginning of spring our announced, 100% solution-oriented networking platform for the manifesto of the new earth will be born, which will make visible all the concrete and wonderful things that already exist, and how many we already are, each with our unique talents and gifts, working towards this reality.

But enough for today: Please write your ideas and suggestions for solutions in the comments below the corresponding chapters of the New Earth Manifesto until November 17th. After a review also with our ‘council of wise’, we will let them flow into the manifesto, and as soon as the update is completed, you will of course be the first to know about it.

With our warmest greetings from Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain, Germany and England,

Your Coco, Catharina, Bénédicte, Valeria, Priska & Katja***

*As well, we have just brought out our The New Earth Manifesto Video in English, with Catharina’s beautiful voice.. please offer yourself, your friends and your community this gift of pure inspiration and clear vision of our world of tomorrow, and please don’t forget to sign in on The New Earth Manifesto. 

Coco Tache supports

What can we do together now for our earth ? The New Earth Manifesto


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