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From an education of the mind, to an education of the heart

It is SOOO touching what is happening right now. Abel Millot is the founder of the International Summit of the Education of the Future, and since April 20 until and including tomorrow, April 30, 60 people are talking about the natural development of children… https://www.educationforthefuture.org/

I am also just becoming SOOO aware of a lot of things because of this.
How much we’ve been inundated with ‘useless’ since we were kids.
How little we really learn in our schools about how life works.
How we are NOT learning to interact with each other… to include nature, that food doesn’t come from the supermarket but from our fields.
We are NOT learning what it means for the soil, soil life, and our bodies to feed on food that includes ‘chemistry’.
And how with all this we INTENTIONALLY LOSE to be ourselves, to trust ourselves and to follow our mission.

Oh it’s time that we change our minds.

That we listen to the people who have been dealing with the natural development of life and children for so many years.

It’s time for our education to change. From an education of the mind, to an education of the heart.

Because from the heart springs joy, creativity. We know that it is enthusiasm that makes us learn playfully and quickly. Through open hearts we also receive the inspiration of what we humans and our earth need now.

Therefore, I would like to suggest you, if you have some time the next two afternoons… to listen to the conferences proposed to you by the International Summit of Education from noon to evening. HERE you find the program.

And I am very happy,

Today at 12:30, I will host Esther Mottier, one of the most inspiring women for me, who is about to make the project Votre Cercle de Vie a reality. The conference will be held in French and translated live into English via Zoom. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82040071107?pwd=cEt3TzNBZ0ZHSVkvMnRoVGdPTVBHQT09

To host tomorrow at 11.00 Marianne Sébastien, another Source of inspiration with her association Voix Libres. One of the most incredible, largest, tangible, most exemplary humanitarian project I know, and who has already touched and impacted more than 2.5 million people… (The conference is held in French with direct translation into English via this  Zoomlink : https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88509925814?pwd=cG9EYjJvWnpWOTdBbFJYZ2Z5ZVc1dz09

And to translate Christina von Dreien and Nicola Good tomorrow Saturday at 12.30 into French. (The host of the Conference, which is held in German, is our Priska Broese) with direct live translation via Zoom into English and French: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88509925814?pwd=cG9EYjJvWnpWOTdBbFJYZ2Z5ZVc1dz09

I’d be very happt to meet you at this special occasion. We have the possibility to change EVERYTHING, if we’d only listen and follow to the voices of our hearts – who know the truth since ever.

With love,

Your Coco***

Ps. For a few months now, I propose my 40-day heart-remembering training ‘Rendez-vous avec la Joie‘ in French for free.

Coco Tache supports

A Château d’Oex, on crée un nouveau monde


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