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What the Health.. An absolut must watch movie and why is our society so sick

Oh my God, not sure if you want to watch this video. It is a huge brainwasher with a certain sensitivity, but once again, once more, it shows what’s really going on out there! What they want us to believe.

How incredible is this… we give our faith and trust to the doctors, to official institutions, we give them even money, but with that money, they are not after prevention and health, but after depency and power over the people! So many of us are trapped, working in these kind of companies, happy with their incomes, organizing their weekends and their holidays, happy to be able to pay the monthly bills and everydays needs. And yet, something in them isn’t happy, because they are USED as well, we are all USED, practically, to make THEIR business work, to keep the control over us! Until we wake up to our real truth, not playing this game any longer, becoming and being ! real actors of change.

I do recommend greatly to offer yourself this precious 1h30 hours of your time to watch Kip Andersen’s excellent movie What the Health. He definitely leaned out far showing us that it is the food we eat, the pills we take, that make us sick, dependent, suffering, and that by eathing healthy and mostly vegan food, we just go up the ladder into health, happiness and real life again. People with multiple-scleroses, with great illnesses and 30 different pills to take everyday, get healed within 2 weeks in simply changing their nutrition and stopping the taking of their traditional medication !

Isn’t this absurd? And nobody talks about this? But for sure, it becomes so evident by understanding that many of these big companies, even foundations and associations pledging for health are paid by the big pharmaceutical- and the meaf industry, to keep the standard of sickness going and filling the pockets of all those wanting us to be dependant of them, wanting us to not shine our lights, because we can make paradise out of our world, we don’t need to suffocate!…

And it’s definitely by pulling together!… Yes, we all have personal challenges to overcome, but they become so much more delightful in understanding that we are all here together in order to help grow, overcome these challenges !

That’s why we are here for!… Anyways, in my opinion:)..

I’m greatly encouraged by all what the see at the moment, by the wonderful surrounding I do have, by all these incredible people and friends around me and by my own challenges, but also by all these incredibly courageous people such as Kip Andersen, David Icke, Vananda Shiva and SO many more, our friends and neighbors, our local heroes, to greatly start acting, bringing the information out, start communicating about it!

We are all together in this! Everyone in our lives that we we have crossed, with whom we have exchanged, who have helped us grow, is part of this, has helped us to come to a point where we can greatly start to realize all this.

As my big inspiration Lynne Twist says, let’s be a hospice for the ‘old‘ world, while being midwife for the new one.

And one my favorite movies, Cloud Atlas: Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others. Past and present. And by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.

All of you reading this, I hold you dearly in my arms, we are together in this, let’s be change we’ve always wanted to see in our world, and let’s the RED PILL. The time is now !

Coco Tache supports

"We need to protect our home - Our challenge really is against stupidity." Dr. Vandana Shiva


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