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Why and how to be more eco conscious

In this day an age, we don’t seem to take enough care after the planet we live in. Most certainly almost every single person is aware of the negative influence of climate change and the impact it has on the environment. In order to avoid global meltdown and pollution, we need to make an effort to incorporate some small changes into our daily lives to save the world around us. If you go green not only will you help the environment, but you will improve your lifestyle, save a few bucks, and even upscale your health. Being eco-conscious doesn’t require any investment, all it takes is following this guide to improve the way you live and make the world a better place.

  • Turn off the appliances

Using up or wasting energy leave a negative carbon footprint. Carbon, lead and other hazardous chemicals can affect our health, plus they destroy the aquamarine life, and other flora and fauna. All you need to do is switch lights and other appliances when you are not using them to save energy. Energy conservation is the first step to be more eco conscious. Whenever you leave your laptop or other gadgets on stand by, you are wasting energy and piling up your energy bills.

  • Go for reusable water bottles

When you are buying still or mineral water in the shop, you are automatically supporting the production of plastic. And plastic is overwhelming and pollution seas and oceans all over the world. The fact that plastic is not biodegradable means that it can be potentially harmful for human consumption. Therefore, get a quality and nice BPA-free water bottle and pour tap water. You can reuse your bottle and take it with you wherever you may go. This is a simple, inexpensive and totally eco-conscious way to keep an eye on your health and the planet. 

  • Opt for eco-friendly materials

Don’t get succumbed to fashion sales, bargains, and deals. That’s just another hoax to make you spend money on things you don’t need. Opt for comfy and eco-friendly apparel. If you require new sporting equipment, go for eco-conscious materials like cotton or nylon. Consider getting sporting gear made out of reusable and recycling materials like acrylic, polypropylene or nylon that are known for their durability and resistance. For instance, if you search for the best running socks you will find out that many companies take meticulous care of the planet and use recycled plastic from the oceans to produce top-notch products.

  • Get the most out of recycling

Recycling is the most effective way to help preserve nature and the environment. You can recycle almost anything. From plastic bottles, paper, batteries, cars, to appliances and clothes. Before you head out to your trash can, take a second to consider where will that garbage end up? Most likely it will be slowly decomposing for centuries, so loads of harmful chemicals will end up in the soil, ruining the plants.

  • Utilize your leftovers

Food waste is a huge issue around the world. Only in the UK, more than 7,3 tonnes of edible food gets thrown away annually, just imagine what are the numbers for the rest of the world. This doesn’t represent an enormous waste of food and money, it adds to the amount of CO3 being created in landfills. Do your part and don’t buy in bulk in the first place. Then, puts leftovers in the reusable BPA-free plastic containers and freeze them. Or reuse some of the leftovers to make a homemade lunch for the next day.

  • Carpool or cycle to work

Exhaust gas emission has an even greater negative impact on our lives. Driving to work isn’t very eco-conscious and it can leave a hazardous carbon footprint. Do your best to carpool to work, walk or cycle whenever you can. You will save money on gas, plus fewer cars on the road mean fewer carbon emissions. By carpooling, you will always be functional and there will be fewer drivers on the road so you won’t need to fight through rush hour. By cycling, you get the same benefits, plus you are out on the fresh air and have the chance to lose weight and get fitter.

  • Save water

To be more eco-friendly towards the planet, you can cut the excessive use of running water. Take short showers instead of long baths, while brushing your teeth and washing the face close the tap and don’t let the water run unnecessarily. By shaving one minute off your daily water usage you can save nearly a thousand gallons of water every year. This means saving money on your water bill as well, so turn off the tap whenever you can.

There are so many sustainable things you can do that will bring vast benefits to the planet and the world around you. With little effort and diligence, you can do so much to make the world a better place.

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