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We cultivate life – the humus event. From 7-10 October in Leipzig (DE).

Dear ones,

It has been a long time since you heard from us. But please know that we are constantly working on the New Earth Manifesto, networking people, giving and leading interviews….

Currently we are organizing Humus events all over the place where it is about networking and remembering the importance of our soil. As you’ve certainly already heard, 50% of our so valuable humus has been destroyed over the last 70 years by conventional farming, mass livestock, pesticides, over-fertilization, herbicides, chemical products, heavy tractors, monocultures, etc. This includes understanding that food waste, instead of going into the trash can and thus incinerated, should instead go into the vital compost piles.

Most of us are hardly aware that our soil needs compost to be healthy. That what we take from the earth should go back to the earth. NO, we can no longer look away and pretend that our soils are doing just fine. US CONSUMERS ARE the ones who contribute to the massive and tragic deterioration of our living environment with our habitual buying and throwing away behavior and with our lack of knowledge about the soil. Therefore it is important to understand that

1. the healing of humans, animals and plants, depends directly on the health of our soil, and

2. all conscious people accelerate the healing process, which serves all life, by actively supporting, through their purchasing decisions, through their love for the soil, the viable humus build-up.

By the way: We humans can build up humus within 2-25 years, which would take hundreds of years, even thousands of years without our intervention!

Come with us to our Humus-Event in Leipzig
From October 7-10, the initiators of the New Earth Manifesto are organizing a three-day, ‘unforgettable’ humus event at Püchau Castle near Leipzig together with the wonderful humus specialist Franz Rösl and Stephan Lehmann from the association gesunder Boden iG. On the spot you will understand the importance of HUMUS again, you will be able to connect with it, feel it, and at the same time perceive yourself as ‘human fertile humus’, in which all answers are contained.

Therefore, prepare yourself for a journey that will lead you to the origins of life and to yourself. Enjoy morning yoga with us and listen to exciting lectures about humus, health, nutrition and vitality. Become active in building humus yourself and understand how important our nutrients are for the soil using the example of composting toilets, and learn to build them yourself! In Leipzig, you will find companions and exchange ideas with like-minded people at eye level.

At the same time, thanks to the exciting Zschepplin project, you will discover what we humans are capable of by joining forces and putting our inventiveness, our will and our love into the same project. Within 2 years, out of a barren sandy landscape, a biotope with 124 bird species was created, many of which had disappeared from Germany for years!

The humus: the basis of life for all of us!

Who joins?

With love and anticipation,

Your Coco, Catharina & Priska***

Please find the reservation here: https://dailypioneer.rocks/produkt/humus-event/

Coco Tache supports

Time evolves and comes to a place where it renews again


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